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Welcome to waf-ambassador.comWelcome to waf-ambassador.comWelcome to waf-ambassador.com

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Kate Woods (Ambassador)

Where it all started

I was eight years old, and had been invited to a birthday party at Randalls Farmhouse. When I walked into the kitchen there were hedgehogs, ducks and an owl all recovering from various injuries. I was instantly fascinated  and  little did I know that this kitchen make do recovery unit would later become the  Wildlife Aid Foundation, with an army of volunteers helping to rescue, rehabilitate and release over 20,000 animals a year.

For years I'd been a member of the charity and was fortunate enough to be able to write for them during my early career as a journalist. Then along came the wildlife ambassador role. In 2009,  I was proud to be challenged by Simon to become an ambassador, My mission, to raise £10,000 a year, a huge task around a full time career and a horse..., but I was honoured to do it. 

Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you can watch progress of the fundraising, check out all the events that I'm planning and ask any questions or leave comments.

People often ask me "How do you do it ?" and my answer is always, "Just total drive and determination to make a difference". 

The Starfish story has always been motivational for me and kept me focused when the target feels so far away.


Simon Cowell MBE (Founder Wildlife Aid Foundation)

"Kate is an unstoppable force of nature! When she took on the challenge of becoming a Wildlife Ambassador and undertook to raise £10,000 a year for the Foundation I honestly didn't think she was going to achieve it. But here we are, ten years on, and amazingly she's somehow managed to pull in well over £100,000 since 'signing up' as our Ambassador - and she's done it without any reward and entirely by hard graft and determination. She's an inspiration to us all!”

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