Wildlife Aid Foundation

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Established in 1980, the charity’s veterinary wildlife hospital in Leatherhead, Surrey deals with more than 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year. Our dedicated aim is to return every patient to the wild once they have recovered. The Foundation’s work was the focus of the popular TV series Wildlife SOS on Discovery Channel’s ‘Animal Planet‘ and has now moved onto the worldwide platform of YouTube. The founder of the Foundation is the environmental broadcaster and campaigner Simon Cowell MBE.


The cost of making a difference

  • £1000 To buy three incubators
  • £300 To hand rear and rehabilitate one fawn
  • £250 To buy one heated intensive care unit
  • £175 To give life saving treatment to a deer
  • £120 To operate on and treat an injured badger
  • £100 To overwinter an underweight hedgehog
  • £80 To operate on and treat an injured buzzard
  • £65 To repair an owls broken wing
  • £60 To hand rear one orphaned baby hedgehog
  • £50 To feed a care for a family of ducklings for one month
  • £45 To operate on a hedgehog
  • £30 To buy one heat lamp
  • £25 To feed a family of hedgehogs for a week
  • £20 To take one x ray
  • £15 To hand rear one orphaned baby bird
  • £10 To vaccinate a cub
  • £5 Will feed and care for a nest of baby birds for one week
  • £3 To give one injection
  • £2 To feed a duckling it’s lunch
  • £1 To give a Harvest mouse it’s breakfast


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