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"They come in their droves; scared, broken, battered, alone, in need of sanctuary and care. All they want is a chance to live freely, away from danger and persecution. To turn them away is to turn our backs on compassion. We all bear responsibility for their situation and so we all have a duty to ensure their safety. they are nature’s tiny refugees and they are arriving now” Simon Cowell 

Spring is supposed to be the time of new beginnings and the ideal time for animals to have their babies. The weather brings on the new grass and with this abundance of nourishment, new life. Unfortunately many baby animals will be orphaned within the first few days, weeks of their precious lives. Without the support of Wildlife Aid Foundation they won’t survive. Wildlife Aid Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these wonderful animals back into the wild. All these animals need is a second chance. With your help they will get it.

Together we can make this a reality

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Online donations

  • £1000 To buy three incubators
  • £300 To hand rear and rehabilitate one fawn
  • £250 To buy one heated intensive care unit
  • £175 To give life saving treatment to a deer
  • £120 To operate on and treat an injured badger
  • £100 To overwinter an underweight hedgehog
  • £80 To operate on and treat an injured buzzard
  • £65 To repair an owls broken wing
  • £60 To hand rear one orphaned baby hedgehog
  • £50 To feed a care for a family of ducklings for one month
  • £45 To operate on a hedgehog
  • £30 To buy one heat lamp
  • £25 To feed a family of hedgehogs for a week
  • £20 To take one x ray
  • £15 To hand rear one orphaned baby bird
  • £10 To vaccinate a cub
  • £5 Will feed and care for a nest of baby birds for one week
  • £3 To give one injection
  • £2 To feed a duckling it’s lunch
  • £1 To give a Harvest mouse it’s breakfast

Remember every pound you donate helps to change the life of a wild animal and is appreciated more than we can say….

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